Link shadowverse with another service как сделать
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Link shadowverse with another service как сделать

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Link shadowverse with another service как сделать

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Link shadowverse with another service как сделать

28 окт. 2016 в 5:47

Unlike the mobile version the steam one doesn’t have the account link button in the title and @more beside the device link. Though you can device link your current account to the mobile version of shadowverse via emulator or actual device so you can get your steam version’s data and then you can proceed to do the account link via facebook/googleplay account.

28 окт. 2016 в 5:55

28 окт. 2016 в 6:18

Why am I being offered a mission I can’t accomplish on the Steam version? This is pretty dumb.

28 окт. 2016 в 6:32

I was surprised myself that the account link was gone from the steam version.

29 окт. 2016 в 3:10

Just wondering if I can get rid of the mission somehow? Or am I stuck with 2 mission slots instead of 3 if I don’t get the mobile version somewhere to link them?

29 окт. 2016 в 11:34

Автор сообщения: Tominator

Just wondering if I can get rid of the mission somehow? Or am I stuck with 2 mission slots instead of 3 if I don’t get the mobile version somewhere to link them?

They may decide to make it replaceable. Until then, if you don’t want the mobile version or can’t get it for some reason, try this:

29 окт. 2016 в 11:49

Alright thanks! Yeah, I can’t, my smartphone is rather old and the game won’t work on it. I hope they add the possibility to skip that quest in the future.

29 окт. 2016 в 14:43

Just use Bluestacks or amiduos to complete the quest on pc, its what i did anyway. Keep in mind i linked from steam ( producing the code) to bluestacks and then to my googleplay via bluestacks and got the 3 packs.
Dont keep bluestcks installed more than 30 days if you dont know how to bypass the trial period, bluestacks install some games without your permission in exhange of you keeping using it for free.
Amiduos has only a month period then you start running into issues once the trial is over if you dont plan to pay.

8 ноя. 2016 в 15:02

Bumping this because I’d like to see a response from the developers on what they intend to do about this. While I appreciate those who have found workarounds and posted them for others to use, the fact remains that it’s not very reasonable to expect players who are only playing the PC version to use an Android emulator to clear the mission.

In the meantime, it is blocking a mission slot and putting people at a disadvantage in terms of daily rewards.

8 ноя. 2016 в 16:07

Автор сообщения: Naal

I linked my steam data to my iphone and i still have the mission. Did i not link with another service?

You have to do Account Link and link with either Facebook and Google Play.

8 ноя. 2016 в 23:21

Yeah this mission sucks. Fills up a daily mission slot, and can only be easily accomplished by mobile device users.
Linking to another service should be optional.

9 ноя. 2016 в 2:22

I can’t even get a link code for my old account. Should be able to just sign-in with my email and password. >.>

9 ноя. 2016 в 2:38

You can use android emulator to clear the missions. Use device link instead to get your steam account on your phone or emulator.

9 ноя. 2016 в 5:08

I made a straight-forward topic about this not too long ago. If the above guide seems too complicated and you’re still wanting to complete the mission, you can give this a try instead.

Отредактировано laughmao; 9 ноя. 2016 в 5:14

9 ноя. 2016 в 7:57

how to get the link account mission reward?

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returnofbeans 7 years ago #1

i thought it meant use 2 different devices, aka my pc and my tablet. created the steam account and played for a bit. then downloaded the game on my tablet and linked the device using a code they sent to my email. now both devices are running the same account, but i did not complete the mission. any idea what they want?

infinitexx 7 years ago #2
Link your tablet to google play or gamecenter.

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  3. how to get the link account mission reward?

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